The Swine Genome Sequencing Consortium (SGSC) was formed in September 2003 by academic, government and industry representatives to provide international coordination for sequencing the pig genome. The SGSC's mission is to advance biomedical research for animal production and health by the development of DNA based tools and products resulting from the sequencing of the swine genome. In September 2003, interested researchers convened at INRA Jouy-en-Josas to establish the SGSC for facilitation and coordination of international efforts toward obtaining the complete porcine genome sequence. The Consortium is open to any researcher who is prepared to contribute expertise, data or time to deliver the SGSC's mission. The Consortium is committed to timely pre-publication data sharing in accordance with the Toronto Statement (Toronto International Data Release Workshop Authors, 2009. Prepublication data sharing. Nature 461:168-70). The Consortium's sequencing strategy was published in 2005: Schook LB, Beever JE, Rogers J, Humphray S, Archibald A, Chardon P, Milan D, Rohrer G, Eversole K, 2005. Swine Genome Sequencing Consortium (SGSC): a strategic roadmap for sequencing the pig genome. Comparative and Functional Genomics 6:251-255. The Consortium's analysis and publication strategy was published in 2010: Archibald AL, Bolund L, Churcher C, Fredholm M, Groenen MAM, Harlizius B, Lee K-T, Milan D, Rogers J, Rothschild MF, Uenishi H, Wang J, Schook LB, for the Swine Genome Sequencing Consortium, 2010. Pig genome sequence - analysis and publication strategy. BMC Genomics 11: 438.


Gerard Albers, Nutreco
Alan L. Archibald, Roslin Institute
Craig W. Beattie, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jonathan E. Beever, University of Illinois
M. Boggess, National Pork Board, USA
Joseph P. Cassady, North Carolina State Univeristy
Patrick Chardon, INRA-Jouy-en-Joysas
Bhanu Chowdhary, Texas A & M University
Kellye Eversole, Alliance for Animal Genome Research
Merete Fredholm, KVL, Denmark
Greg Gibson, North Carolina State University
Elisabetta Giuffra, Tecnoparco, Lodi, Italy
Jan Gorodkin, KVL, Denmark
Ronnie Green, ARS-USDA
Martien Groenen, Wageningen University
Dr. Barbara Harlizius, The Institute for Pig Genetics, The Netherlands
Debora Hamernik, CSREES-USDA
Sean Humphray, The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Steve Kappes, ARS-USDA, USA
B. Liu, Beijing Genome Center
Pramod Mathur, Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement
Denis Milan, INRA-Toulouse
Alan Mileham, Sygen
Sung-Jong Oh, Korean NLRI
Anna Palmisano, CSREES-USDA
F.A. Ponce de Leon, University of Minnesota
Muquarrab Qureshi, CSREES-USDA
Jane Rogers, The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Gary Rohrer, ARS-USDA
Max F. Rothschild, Iowa State University
Lawrence Schook, University of Illinois
Paul Sundberg, National Pork Board, USA
Leeb Tosso, University of Berne
H. Uenishi, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences
John Webb, Maple Leaf Food
Alan Wildeman, University of Guelph
Ming Che Wu, Taiwan Livestock Research Institute
Hiroshi Yasue, NIAS